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Onlinethai is a public company. We prefer the online technology services for Thai community.

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Online Laundry Shop

Best with clean and smart technology for opening the Smart Laundry shop.

100% Application and Software

Support your online application or software from another party. Plugins or Themes for different pages.

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Bring online and technology services from the basic requirements by using Digital Marketing.

Family Tradition

Safety and comfortable for kids and family. Learn online is our content development. This is the all ages learning society.

Mr.hi smart+ by haier

Smart Laundry

This is the new normal technology for family laundry services. Factory laundry machines with high performance are provided in this shop. All services can wash and dry from your mobile phone. Washing machines and Dryer Machines make your clothes nice and clean. Payments from an Internet wallet or e-wallet are available on services.  

udon thai laundry shop

“We belive the smart teachnology make your life more comfortable! ”

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Think and support technology

Onlinethai are the best for smart technology and software services. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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